V.I.C. V.I.C.


Valve-Injector-Combustion Chamber Cleaner

Wynn's V.I.C. is a professionally applied valve, injector and combustion chamber cleaner. The design and chemistry of this product allows for multiple types of application depending on the need of the professional installer.

  • Single application per delivery method.

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16 fl. Oz. 12 units/Case


Wynn's V.I.C. is a professionally applied injector, valve, intake and combustion chamber cleaner. This EPA registered product is safe for O2 sensors, catalytic converters, and coated throttle plates. It's design and chemistry allow the professional installer to clean fuel injectors via the fuel rail, intake plenum and intake valves via a vacuum source or pressurized across the throttle plate for deep intake and plenum cleaning.


Add to Enviropurge canister (04000) for in-rail cleaning of fuel injectors. Add to Enviropurge canister (04000) and use with TBI tool (31500) for pressurized cleaning of the throttle body and plenum. Use with Vacuum tools (32000 or 33000) for cleaning of plenum, intake valves and combustion chambers via a vacuum source.