• Intake Complete 3-Step Service Kit

Intake Complete 3-Step Service Kit

Wynn’s Intake Complete is a 3-Step service kit specially formulated to thoroughly clean the vehicle’s throttle body,
air intake and fuel system components. Proven to remove deposits with no need for wiping, brushing or engine

3-Step Service Benefits...
✔ Improves Rough Idle and Hesitation
✔ Helps Restore Proper Air/Fuel Mixture
✔ Reduces Harmful Exhaust Emissions
✔ Technician Friendly
✔ 50-State VOC Compliant*

Kit includes:
ZW40201 - Air Intake Induction Foam (not avail. for individual sale)
ZW58001 - Low VOC Throttle Body Cleaner
ZW67104B - Premium Fuel System Cleaner And Ethanol Treatment

  • 3-Step Service Kit Performance:
  • Advanced Foaming Technology
  • Cleans Throttle Body and Air Intake
  • Removes Gum and Varnish Deposits
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors in one Tankful
  • Effectively Cleans Air Intake System
  • Disperses Water in Fuel Tank
  • Prevent Rust and Corrosion in Fuel System
  • Oxygen Sensor Safe
  • Effective with Gasolines up to E-15

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Packaging Information

Case Quantity: 6 Kits
Kit Includes: ZW40201, ZW58001 and ZW67104B


Please consult the technical info sheet


See Packaging Instructions for usage.