3-Step Fuel System Service Kit 3-Step Fuel System Service Kit

3-Step Fuel System Service Kit

Fuel System Service Kit (Federal)

Wynn's 3-Step Fuel System Service Kit contains Premium Fuel System Cleaner (p/n 67104B), Air Intake Cleaner (p/n 60807) and Combustion Chamber Cleaner (p/n 68917).

  • Single application per service kit.

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Packaging Information

8 x 3 Pack/Case


3-Step Fuel System Service Kit may be used in any MPI, PFI, GDI, or carbureted gasoline engine application.


Premium Fuel System Cleaner (p/n 67104B) is introduced into the vehicle's fuel tank. Aerosol air Intake Cleaner (p/n 60807) is used to safely remove gums and varnish from the throttle plate and throttle shaft. Safe for O2 sensors, catalytic converters and coated throttle bodies. Combustion Chamber Cleaner (p/n 68917) is introduced into the intake system via Wynn's Vacuum tool (p/n33000); pressurized across the throttle plate via Wynn's Enviropurge (p/n 04000) and TBI tool (p/n 31500); or into the fuel rail using the Enviropurge (p/n 04000 & 04001).