Power Diesel Induction & EGR Service Tool

Wynn’s Power Diesel™ Induction & EGR Service Tool, along with Power Diesel Induction & EGR Cleaner, restores EGR operation, improves airflow through the Induction system and reduces DPF Regeneration cycles.


Pneumatic Brake Machine

The Pneumatic Brake Machine works quickly when properly hooked up to a vehicle. A complete brake service can be performed in 10 minutes or less. The machine works on most passenger and light to medium duty vehicles.

Vacuum Coolant Machine

The Vacuum Coolant Machine offers the ability to perform a quick, non-labor intensive cooling system service, extending the life of the cooling system. The service facilitates easy removal of the old coolant fluid.

Tri-Mode Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

The Tri-Mode Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine offers an In-Line mode, Dipstick mode and a mode to open mechanical thermostats.

Cooling System Exchange Machine

The Cooling System Exchange Machine prevents cross contamination of old and new coolant by removing contaminated fluid from the entire cooling system, including the radiator, engine block, heater core and hoses.

Differential Fluid Service Exchange Machine

The Wynn’s Differential Service machine removes old gear oil from the differential case and replaces it with new fluid in one easy process. It improves the life of the gear box, its components and keeps the gear box running smoothly.

Brake Fluid Exchange Machine

The Wynn’s Brake Fluid Exchange machine delivers brake fluid into the reservoir, simultaneously supplying vacuum to the bleed screws at all four wheels, ensuring a constant supply of new brake fluid and eliminating any air present or introducing new air into the system.