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  Supreme™ Engine Cleaning System Service
  Service Recommended Every 1 year or 15,000 miles
Oil removed from traditional drain and fill service   But this much can be left behind  

Can You See A Difference?

A traditional drain and fill oil change service can leave up to 20% of the used oil inside your engine. What remains behind is often the sludge and varnish deposits, wear debris and other contaminants that do the most damage. They start to contaminate the fresh oil the moment you turn the ignition key.

The Problem:
Time, mileage and heat combine to break down your
engine oil.
  Combustion blow-by adds contaminants that circulate with your engine oil.
These processes can cause:
  • Excess engine wear.
  • Deposit build up.
  • Low compression.
  • Increased oil consumption.
  • Higher operating temperatures.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency.
  • Engine component breakdown or failure.
  • Failed emission tests.
  • Higher operating and servicing costs.

Don't wait for your engine to let you down. Get a Wynn's® Supreme™ Engine Cleaning System Service.

Keep your vehicle safe and reliable with a complete Wynn's® Supreme™ Engine Cleaning System Service.

The Solution:
Wynn's® Supreme™ Engine Cleaning System Service:

Wynn's® Internal Engine Cleaner is first pumped through your engine to dissolve sludge and varnish and help remove particulates and wear debris.

Wynn's Supreme™ Engine Cleaning System then clears away loose deposits and old oil from most lubricated engine components, reducing contamination of new oil.

Wynn's Supreme +Plus+™ Oil Treatment is then added to prolong the life and enhance the performance of the new oil.

A cleaner, better running engine gives you:

  • Peak engine performance.
  • Longer engine life.
  • Fewer costly repairs.
  • Reduced exhaust emissions.
  • Better gas mileage.

Make a clean start….don’t drive dirty.

The engine is the most important, and often the most expensive part of your vehicle to repair.

That’s why it deserves the best care. If you’re committed to doing just that, or if you have a little catching up to do, keeping your engine’s lubricated parts clean and free of varnish, sludge and other contaminants will improve its performance and prolong its life. Make sure that a complete engine oil system cleaning is part of your regular maintenance schedule.

Make sure its Wynn’s!