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  Engine Oil Products
  Wynn’s Engine Oil products clean harmful oil deposits from engines… deposits that other products leave behind. Wynn’s Engine Oil products reduce wear to prolong engine life and improve fuel economy.

Wynn’s® WynnGuard™ Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

Wynn’s new WynnGuard™ Fully Synthetic Motor Oil with three viscosity grades available 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30 … there’s a WynnGuard just right for your vehicle.

  • All viscosities provide excellent protection, have outstanding low-temperature fluidity and resist oxidation.
  • Anti-oxidants combined with detergents and dispersants fight the battle against sludge and varnish.

Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™ Engine Oil Treatment
Part Number A7001

New formulation of the original Friction Proofing launched 70 years ago.

  • New fully synthetic formula is compatible with synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oil-based engine oils.
  • Specially formulated to reduce friction and wear, improve oxidation and stability, increase engine cleanliness and improve fuel economy.
  • Features cutting edge technology to improve engine oil performance without exceeding the American Petroleum Institute (API) SM limits on sulfur and phosphorus.

Part Number 10121

Formulated with premium PI SJ/ILSAC GF-2 additive technology.

  • Cleans varnish and sludge deposits from the engine.
  • Reduces oil oxidation between regular oil change services.
  • Neutralizes harmful acids caused by combustion blow-by.
  • Prevents rust caused by harmful acids.
  • U.S. Patent No. 4,557,841 Each kit contains: #61610 OilSystem Cleaner & Conditioner and #64328B Supreme +Plus+ Oil Treatment.

Products also sold separately.

Part Number 61610

Add to engine oil before an oil change.

  • Removes harmful deposits from oil system.
  • Promotes more complete drain of used oil .
  • Provides EP wear protection during engine flush.
  • Reduces contamination of new oil.

Also comes in kit #10121.

Part Number 64328B

Patented formula. Add to engine oil at oil changes or between oil changes.

  • Combats engine wear.
  • Retards oil thickening.
  • Reduces sludge and varnish.
  • Prolongs lubrication protection during extended oil drains.
  • Patent No. 4,557,841.

Also comes in kit #10121 & 10191.

Part Number 63614A

Add to engine oil after a tune-up or between oil changes.

  • Cleans valves and rings to improve engine performance.
  • Quiets noisy hydraulic lifters.
  • Removes sludge and varnish deposits between oil changes.

Part Number 50602

Add to engine oil, stops oil loss.

  • Stops external and internal oil leaks.
  • Improves high temperature oil viscosity.
  • Controls internal oil consumption.
  • Conditions rubber seals and gaskets.
  • Safe for turbo charged engines.
  • Safe for cold weather cranking.

Also comes in kit #10195.

For Cars Over 50,000 Miles
Part Number 68701

Add to engine oil after an oil change or between oil changes.

  • Oil treatment specially designed for cars over 50,000 miles.
  • Extends engine life of older vehicles by reducing friction and wear.
  • Reduces costly oil burning and tailpipe smoke.
  • Increases oil pressure and viscosity at high temperatures.

Supreme Engine Cleaning System Kit
Part Number 10029
  • Guard against contamination of new oil by more completely removing the old oil normally left in the crankcase during a conventional oil change process.
  • Safely dissolve and remove sludge and varnish.
  • Improve compression and reduce oil consumption.
  • Reduce contamination of new oil so that oil stays cleaner, longer.
  • Prolong the life of new oil and decrease oil oxidation.
  • Protects the engine from excessive wear during and following the service.
  • Reduces deposits build up that can block oil lines and screens and restrict proper engine lubrication.
  • Five micron filters safely remove particulates and debris that the standard oil filter leaves behind.

U.S. Patent No. 4,557,841

  Engine Oil Equipment
  With a regular oil change, up to a quart of dirty oil stays in the engine, and is mixed with the clean new oil. The customer drives off with new oil already contaminated by the leftover oil. The Wynn’s Engine Flush Service, thoroughly removes the old oil and harmful build-ups and deposits, for better performance and improved gas mileage.

Supreme Engine Cleaning System
Part Number 09201
  • Removes up to 20% (3/4 quart) additional used oil versus conventional oil change so that oil stays cleaner, longer.
  • With engine running, safely and completely cleans the entire oil system of harmful oil sludge and deposits.
  • Simple, quick and easy to use (connects to engine at the oil filter port in 2 minutes).
  • Completely cleans gasoline engines in 10 minutes and diesel engines in 20 minutes or less.
  • Designed to improve engine life, and provide increased compression and horsepower.
  • Adds increased gross profits for service facilities and high customer satisfaction.